About Us


Folklore Gallery is founded to stay

When we started a highly respected competitor said ( Folklore Gallery is found to stay), After two decades of sourcing art pieces and crafts it was difficult and clear to us that the path we should take and the desire we have to cover goes parallel with the interior design styles and customers request. The history of us working in Abu Dhabi with its large mix of nationality’s and there requirements of art paintings and crafts reflects the dare memory’s and the joy they have while living in UAE becomes our target to find the right painting style or piece of jewelry or just be creative to frame these moments in a joyful picture frame.

The modernization voyage from simple houses to skyscrapers and intelligent buildings created new challenge of decorating white wall with stylish paintings.

Waves of talented artist of all styles paint their experience and reflection parallel with fast changing of interior decoration, artist of all nationalities started displaying their art on hotels, art gallery and community’s events. We are one of the leaders who have been encouraging new artist to follow their passion.

Working from our base in Khalidyah, Folklore Gallery has earned a reputation for supplying affordable artwork and a high quality comprehensive range of frames sourced from Italy, Spain catered to individuals, professional artists, and corporate clients.

As one of the premier large printing companies in Abu Dhabi, we invest in cutting-edge technologies to be able to deliver high-quality print.

Maher Khrais
Late: Julie Ann Liar